I’ve been told many times that I can get pretty passionate. It’s true. As a linebacker in the NFL, passion comes with the territory. If you’re timid, you won’t last long in this job.

But you don’t have to be a professional athlete to be passionate—to care deeply about what matters and to work hard to achieve whatever you set your mind to. Anyone can wear their passion on their sleeve.

Many of you know my rallying cry: LET’S FREAKIN’ GO! It’s something I say all the time—whether I’m surrounded by teammates in the huddle, speaking from the stage, or just running into people on the street. I say it to inspire myself and everyone around me to be the best each of us can be, to refuse to settle for small dreams. I say it—and I wear it—just about every day.

Now I want to give you the chance to wear your passion on your sleeve as well. I had some LFG t-shirts designed and they’re now for sale online at skreened.com. You can choose from a variety of colors and shirt styles, and Skreened will send you the shirt directly.

I’m not making any money off of this—I just want to make available to you a great t-shirt with a great message so you and everyone you know can be reminded to never give up, no matter what. LET’S FREAKIN’ GO!!!