These last four years have been the best four years of my life. I made friends, made plays, met people, met expectations, grew physically, and matured spiritually. These last four years have shaped me.

I came into the NFL not knowing what to expect. When I got drafted by the Cardinals, I was met with open arms. Welcomed by a Jay Feely tweet and a Sam Ponder direct message, I knew I had two friends in Arizona. What I didn’t know is that I would fall in love with a team, a city, and an amazing fan base.

To my teammates – Calais, Carson, Coopaloop, Richie B, Fitzy, Niño, P-twice, FIVE (or Fire… I’m still not sure how to say Tyrann’s nickname), Shaddy, and Money Mike – thank you all so much for always being there. I’ll never forget the times we spent. To the friends – Max, Lukas, Brian, Gokee, Bhatti, Jose, Ale, Mary – I loved our time.

To my Thunderbird family, my Chase Bank family, my 12 News family, my Freak Nation family, and all of those who I had the pleasure of interacting with, thank you for making Arizona such a fun place for me to live. I love Phoenix, and I will be back.

But for now, work is taking me in a different direction. A direction I couldn’t be more excited about. A chance to be a part of one of the storied franchises in the NFL in another city that everyone loves.

I’m now a Chicago Bear.

These last three weeks of free agency have felt like three years, with many ups and downs along the way. Now I’m ready to embark upon a new journey, a journey to the Windy City.

My goals are simple. First, to earn the respect of that team and that city, just like I did in Arizona. Second, to impact lives along the way. To those of you who have a relationship with Jesus, pray for me and my family as we take this journey. He hears your prayers.

To the Bidwills, coaches, and Cardinals staff, thank you for the opportunity to play for you. I loved every minute of it.

To the Chicago Bears organization, know that I’m giving you my all and plan to “prove it” as this contract suggests. Love you all, now let’s get to work!