The other day I watched a 30 for 30 special on Sugar Ray Leonard and his Welterweight Championship bout against Roberto Duran. During this fight, Leonard ran circles around Duran to the point where Duran eventually proclaimed “No mas!” midway through and quit the fight.

Leonard was now the world champion. During the post-fight interviews, however, the story in the media was not about himself as he had hoped; it was about Duran quitting. All the headlines the next day had pictures of Duran and titles that read “No mas!

Sugar Ray had accomplished his goal, but no one seemed to care. The story wasn’t about him. Sometimes life treats us this way. We have huge dreams, hopes, and storylines in our head—we are the hero that gets the girl—but what happens when we’re not? What happens when our dreams are shattered, or even worse, achieved but without the expected high afterwards? What happens when we are not the hero?

Life isn’t all about us. It’s about serving others and being a part of their story. That’s true humility. That’s true servitude. That’s truly a life worth living.

Have you made life all about yourself? Who are the people around you who you could serve?