Have you ever been a part of something good? I mean, really good. I mean, so good that you don’t even want to interrupt it good?

Last week we had a team Bible study and it was amazing. The Spirit of God was there and you could tell guys were into it. The pastor was feeling it, we were feeling it, shoot, even God was feeling it. It was good. Then, all of a sudden, there was a pivot. A very awkward pivot.

Here’s the backstory. This year, as a team, we decided to try something different. We wanted to make Bible study more interactive and encourage players to help lead the studies by preparing a topic and interjecting when necessary. On this day, everything seemed to be on point. No input was needed.

Boy were we wrong. There came a moment when the conversation shifted. I encouraged my teammate to butt in, even though it didn’t seem like the right time. There were a few long moments of awkward silence, but finally, he stepped in.

He started talking about the character and personality of Jesus and how relatable he is to you and me. He started talking about how once you understand the approachability of Jesus, it takes your relationship with him to another level. He started talking about his personal story. Eyes were opened and lives were changed. By the end of the Bible study, wounds were being healed, tears were being shed and eyes were being opened. All because of this great pivot.

A day or so later I thanked my teammate for being bold enough to stand in front of guys and make such a bold pivot even though things seemed to be going so well already.

His response: “Man, that was so hard. The devil was telling me to stay on topic.”

I’m glad he didn’t listen.