When you say World Cup in the US, there are a few thoughts that come to mind. Tim Howard, Cristiano Ronaldo, or how much we don’t like Germany. But when you say World Cup around the world, there is only one name that comes to mind: Neymar.

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is the 22-year-old phenom who took soccer by storm. Though this man comes as a surprise to us, he is no surprise to those who follow soccer. Many avid soccer fans thought that Neymar could have made an impact during the last World Cup when he was 18, but he was left off of Brazil’s roster. This year, there was no leaving him off of any man’s roster—or anyone’s radar.

If you haven’t been watching the World Cup already, take a minute to watch a few of Neymar’s highlights. At age of 22 he took over soccer in one of the biggest markets for the sport, and it shows by him wearing the coveted #10 jersey, telling his team and everyone watching that he is the best.

But now the best has been sidelined.

Neymar took a knee to back and sustained a broken vertebrae in Brazil’s last game against Colombia, breaking the hearts of many adoring fans.

My message to Neymar, as one who has also suffered a bad injury, is to keep your head up. This injury will only make you stronger. Your desire will reach a whole new level, and when you get back on the field, you WILL wreak havoc. I can’t wait to watch you play again young man. Until then, you’ve got yourself a new fan.