Remember that time when you did a traditional Nigerian wedding in Africa and then didn’t get to see your “wife” for seven and a half months?

Also, do you remember that time when you filed a fiancée visa for her, then found out that 80% of fiancée visas out of Nigeria get rejected?

Remember that time when you only got a chance to spend a total of five weeks with her over the last year and a half?

Those are some pretty tough memories.

But do you remember the time when you CELEBRATED that traditional Nigerian wedding in the middle of a village in front of 2000 people—friends, family, and loved ones—and how it was the best day of your life?

Or that time when you got the call from your fiancée saying that the US embassy had APPROVED the fiancée visa that you had been waiting for for nine months?

What about the time when she came into the United States of America for the first time EVER, and you got to see her, hold her, kiss her, and show her your world?

The first three scenarios could be some of the toughest moments in someone’s life. But those last three make them all worth it. The joy you feel in those last three can’t even be compared to the heartache you felt in the first.

That’s how life is sometimes. You go through some of the toughest times and you think that you have nothing left in the tank. You think there’s no hope. Then you see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you run towards it full speed ahead. That light makes it all worth it…

But what would I know? None of this has ever happened to ME before… ;)