Negativity is annoying. Pushback is good. Everybody needs a devil’s advocate. But don’t be negative. No one likes that. It doesn’t make you any better. Peter walked on water because he kept his eyes on the prize. It’s time to walk on water. Pressure is an illusion. It’s not real. Fear is the stepping-stone to success. If you never fail, you’ll never succeed. Don’t run from obstacles, run towards them. Look them in the eye and jump over them. Look fear square in the face and say, “Get out of my way.”

Go further. Reach higher. Fight longer. Dream bigger. If you haven’t failed, you’ve been too scared to live. Life is knocking. Open the door. You are what you believe.

The only way to find out what is impossible is to reach beyond it, into the impossible. That’s when you’ll know the truth. There are no limits. Success isn’t measured by how often you win—it’s measured by how often you get back up after falling. Live a life with no regrets. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit. There’s no magic formula.

Give your best and be the best. All the time. Every time. In everything. Never go through the motions. Break barriers. LET’S FREAKIN’ GO!

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