I’m finally understanding what helplessness really looks and feels like. From bathroom breaks, to eating food, to getting up and down the stairs, I need help. Thankfully my parents are here for me. A trip to the restroom requires one arm on a crutch and the other on my dad’s shoulder. A trip down the stairs requires the same thing. I will say this though—never has a home-cooked meal tasted so good.

After one of the most difficult showers in my life, my mom re-entered the room and began to wash my feet. This was a truly humbling experience, y’all. Jesus did this for his disciples, and they didn’t even have broken legs, just dirty feet!

God is really showing me what true helplessness—and true, real love—look like. A love that sleeps on the floor so you can have the couch. A love that cooks for you because you can’t. A love that changes one’s entire work schedule to spend time with you. A love that washes your feet.