When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish things behind me… except for game nights.

Off and on for the last few months, I’ve been inviting some friends over to my house for game night. No, there are no video games, nor are there even card games. It’s better than that. The games we play on these epic game nights create a bond between friends that is not easily broken.

We eat, we talk, we catch up, we play… then we do it all over again. We have done it so often, that Friday night game nights have become a staple at my place of residence. We usually start the night with Signs, Big Booty, or Catch Phrase, which get people loose and allow them to interact. After these games are done, we get a little more serious. We get to know each other by introducing ourselves and, believe it or not, by sharing our addictions.

People usually hear something like this, “Hi, my name is Sam…” To which everyone replies, “Hi Sam!!” I then continue, “…and I’m addicted to game nights.” This Game Nights Anonymous session is actually pretty informative. I’ve heard about addictions ranging from M&M’s to socks, and everything in between. This is a fun little ice breaker that allows everyone to get to know each other before we play the game that surpasses all games.

That game, of course, is Mafia.

If you don’t know how to play Mafia now would be a good time to learn. This game is life changing. We usually finish up with a game like Contact or Charades and call it a night. These game nights are pretty incredible, and even though I’m 25 years old, I STILL enjoy getting together and playing games with friends.

I think what makes game nights so unique is the diverse types of people it attracts. People who were once thought to be quiet end up bursting out of their shell when defending themselves in Mafia. People once thought to be calm typically jump out of their chairs in Big Booty. These games bring out the fun, competitive side in everyone, and even though I am growing up, game nights are growing along with me.

Send me some of the games you’ve played at your game nights! I’d love to incorporate them into mine!