Tonight was a good night. I feel free. I was scared, I was confused, but I feel free.

Reconciliation is an interesting thing. In our pride and in our humanness, we want to hold on to things, thinking that we’re right and that we’re owed an apology. Often times, we’re wrong, and we are the ones who need to apologize… we don’t. We hold and hold and hold things, until they become a weight that we were not meant to carry. This weight, like most excess weight does, drags us down and keeps us from freedom. It keeps us from being free. I am free. I have joy. It was hard. But I am free.

We all were meant to experience this freedom. But we tell ourselves that there is different way. There is only one way. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. Make the call. Send the text. Get the coffee. Just forgive. And you will be free.