My friend and teammate Larry Fitzgerald once told me, “The game of football is 90% mental. It’s only 10% physical.” This statement was telling because it was a response to my question about what made him so great. This answer was also telling because it was coming from arguably the best wide receiver in the game—and a future hall of famer for sure. At first I didn’t understand it, but now, that revelation is as clear as day.

After breaking my leg last year and momentarily losing the game I love, I changed my mind. I made a promise to myself that I take advantage of every opportunity I had while on the football field. That I wouldn’t be afraid to make the big play and that I would capitalize on EVERY opportunity. I made a decision that day. I decided to be great.

I decided to win my 1-on-1 matchups, to be a playmaker, and to be a finisher. I decided to do all the little things right on the football field. I decided never to take the game for granted again. I decided to change my mind.

Though on the football field we’re all physically talented, only a few people realize, like Fitz did, that the game is less about your physical statute, and more about your heart and your mind. I believe. Do you?