We are 3-0 and I could not be more excited. It’s hard to win in the NFL, and it’s even harder to keep on winning. One main reason that teams can’t win consistently is complacency.

We recently had a Marine veteran speak to the team. He talked about his time at war and how the game we play is very similar to that. Obviously there is no imminent danger of the loss of life, but he compared our preparation time, reliance on each other for success, and our intent focus on one singular goal: winning. He drove home the message that “complacency kills,” and that the reason great teams often fail is a result of complacency.

Our team has taken this saying to heart, and though we are 3-0, you would never know it behind the scenes. We are being coached harder than ever and being held to an even higher standard than when we started this journey. Meeting these standards, though necessary, can be grueling. There is a lot of pressure to perform and I found myself getting lost in it all. Trying so hard to get the job done and not focusing enough on the process. The bye week could not have come at a better time for me.

During a bye week NFL players are required to have at least four days off. Every person spends those days differently. Some lift weights, some watch film, some rest their bodies. I took those four days and went to New York with my wife.

More than a vacation, New York was a time for me to take a step back and see the bigger picture. Sometimes you get so caught up in this conundrum that you lose sight of what’s really important. In our league, it’s winning. It’s also about focusing on getting better every day and affecting the lives of those around you. New York reminded me of two things. First, it’s a LONG season, so I shouldn’t get overly caught up in the now. And second, it taught me to be patient, trusting that God is in control. Things are gonna happen on His timing, not mine.

In the meantime, let’s go get win number four!