We had just earned our seventh victory of the season against Indy, our fourth win in a row. Life was good. I was excited. Excited to be at the game and excited to cheer on my team. Yet the most exciting part of my day wasn’t watching the guys play, it was meeting an opposing player afterwards.

Robert Mathis was and is one of my favorite players. His pass rush and game play style is similar to mine. Relentless and unwilling to quit. My linebacker coach coached Mathis last year in Indy when he lead his team in sacks and made the Pro Bowl. Coach Bettcher wasn’t the only commonality in our story; he, like me, was an “undersized” linebacker. Standing at 6′ and some change—6’1″ to be generous—Mathis certainly didn’t look the part. Yet with 14.5 sacks so far this season, Mathis was getting the job done and doing it well. I had to find out the secret.. So I asked him.

“How do you do it?” I inquired. “And what tips would you have for a younger player like me who is trying to learn the game?”

“You just gotta believe,” he replied. “Believe in yourself and believe in your move. That spin move you’ve been working ALL WEEK in practice, do it in the game. Force yourself to do it.” His message really resonated with me because it was the only thing keeping me from being the dominant player that I am. I didn’t believe. The LFG wristband reminded me to believe in myself and to trust my move, and the guy whose film I study was telling me the same thing.

This conversation was a great reminder and a breath of fresh air. It reminded me that I’m not alone in living out LFG. People are living it out daily. And some people are living it out waaay better than I am. Talking with Robert reminded me that it can be done, whatever “it” is. It was being done and it was being done well.

What’s your “it?” Take some time to reflect and refresh your mind so you can reload and reach your goals.